Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Economic Administration

The main objective is to provide multidisciplinary training combining three main areas of knowledge: law, economics and management, and the humanities and social sciences. Thus, the student in social and economic administration acquires sufficient knowledge to be employed at the intersection of different activities of an organization and to occupy various management functions: accounting, financial, administrative, commercial, legal ... in government and the broader public sector (as national civil servants or local authorities) as well as the private sector, especially small and medium-sized organizations.

Compétences et savoir-faire

Skills and Knowledge

In terms of specific targeted goals, graduates with a Bachelor's in Social and Economic Administrations are able to:

  • understand French, European, and international institutions;
  • understand France's contemporary legal and political systems, as well as their historical evolution;
  • understand and use the fundamental rules of the various branches of law and the link between various categories of legal norms;
  • master the basics of economics and be able to apply its principles;
  • understand the broad rules of public and private accounting;
  • understand and identify the different functions of economic organizations, whether public or private, and take into account their interactions;
  • draft a commentary on a legal document, an essay/oral presentation, and convey it in the proper form, both in writing and orally;
  • communicate in written and oral form in their native language and in a second language;
  • use information and communication technologies;
  • adapt to new situations and apply their knowledge and skills in a professional context;
  • assess the quality of their own work and that of others;
  • learn independently.

Particular attention is paid to training students in oral expression during guided study sessions or workshops, participation in conferences/debates, and the recommended use of oral communication during catch-up sessions.

Secteurs d'activités et types d'emplois