Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and Planning

During three years, students completing the Bachelor’s in Geography course acquire general knowledge and skills in the various classical disciplines of geography: urban planning, urban development, the environment, physical geography, geopolitics, regional geography (France and world cultural areas).

In addition, these skills are complemented by the acquisition of language competence and the completion of several internships (optional in year 1, compulsory in years 2 and 3). Likewise, students gradually acquire technical skills thanks to teaching units in "Tools" (Mapping and Statistics, PhilCarto, qGis).

The main objective of the course is to give graduates a sufficiently broad, but solid, background in the different subjects in geography in order that they be well-prepared when taking competitive entrance exams or pursuing professional bachelor's or master's degrees.

The potential professions for graduates are many and varied, ranging from teaching (for those who opt to take entrance exams) to urban planning, urban development, the environment, and even geomatics or tourism. This may be either in the public or private sectors, in large or small organisations.