Master's Degree in Business Law

The course is aimed at training future jurists primarily for small and medium-sized local companies.


The course is divided into two main modules: business law and employment law. This combination will enable jurists from this master's degree in business law to independently tackle typical legal challenges faced by a company.

Organisation du diplôme

The course is spread over two university years and is divided into four semesters.

  • The first year (Master 1) is a continuation to the training in the Bachelor's in Law degree

The teaching is provided through lectures, some of which are followed up with tutorial lessons. The teaching content follows two main objectives :

  • complete the basic training of the jurist by approaching legal obligations through lectures on special contracts, followed up with tutorial lessons.
  • begin the specialisation of the jurist in company law through lectures on business law (taxation, struggling companies, corporate restructuring, payment and credit instruments, criminal business law) and labour law (in-depth study in employees rights, social protection and social security law, labour litigation, criminal business law).

At the end of these two semesters, the student is required to write a dissertation on a subject linked to business law, thus introducing the student to legal research.

  • The second year (Master 2 ) aims to develop specialist knowledge and practices in business law.

The teaching takes the form of seminars, in other words lectures with a specific theme, which are delivered by university lecturers or professionals in the field on one or more days. The different lectures are organised around the three main stages in the life of a company:  its creation, its operation, and its sale or transfer.

At the end of the two semesters of teaching, the student completes a four-month internship to put into practice the knowledge acquired throughout the course and to gain a real life experience of working in a company. The student will write a report and give an oral presentation of the internship to an examination jury, before eventually being awarded the master's degree (master 2) 

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