Master's Degree in Public Law

This course is aimed at training future jurists to work in the public, parapublic, and private sectors; in central, local, or decentralised administration. In fact, the course will enable you to prepare for the competitive examinations for national and regional public offices, as well as giving you the skills sought by many public bodies and companies, particularly local ones (semi-public companies, local public companies) or independent administrative authorities. The research component of the course would also enable the student to continue with a thesis in order to attain a doctorate.

The course not only gives a very broad general education in public law, but also develops advanced skills in practical areas of public law, such as applied administrative law, public administration and the development of public heritage, special public finance measures, and taxation laws.

Compétences et savoir-faire

The teaching and subsequent assessment is based on the acquirement and use of several specialist skills to provide legal, administrative, and managerial advice. This includes :

  • monitor legal developments
  • devise and secure complex legal documents governed by public law
  • devise, plan, and supervise operations related to public law - financially, administratively and legally,
  • advise local councillors and public administrators,
  • draft background studies on legal transactions
  • manage and resolve disputes in the main areas of public law,
  • organise and manage a public procurement or town planning department.