Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Foreign Languages

The applied foreign languages degree aims to:

  • deepen theoretical and practical knowledge in two foreign languages;
  • prepare students for the world of business and, in particular, for international trade;
  • foster openness to the service sector as a whole.

Compétences et savoir-faire

Skills and Knowledge

Students with a Bachelor’s in Applied Foreign Language are trained:

  • for mastery in two foreign languages;
  • for the acquisition of the meta-languages of economy, trade, law, and business management;
  • for mastery of skills in economics, management, and private law;
  • in the use of information technology;
  • in oral and written communication skills (French, English, Spanish);
  • to obtain employment through the teaching of job search methods, six-week long internships in two companies in the second year, and nine weeks abroad during the third year;
  • in cross-cutting skills related to business management.