Bachelor’s Degree in Literature

The student who completes a Bachelor’s in Literature acquires a solid general culture, an intimate knowledge of the texts that make up the heritage of literature in both comparative and general contexts, methodological skills specific to the analysis of speeches and texts, as well as a mastery of both written and spoken communication. Based on a dual approach that emphasizes literary and critical analysis and knowledge of linguistic mechanisms, this bachelor's degree prepares the student to pursue a professional bachelor's (in publishing, cultural appreciation, journalism, etc.) or a master's degree, as well as competitions for secondary teaching positions.

It is also an ideal preparation for more specific specialisations in the book trades (publishing, bookstores, etc.), journalism, the organisation of artistic or cultural events, becoming a presenter, host, or cultural guide, or more artistic training (theater school, Master’s in Creative Writing, etc.).

One of the specific features of the INU Champollion's Bachelor’s in Literature is the establishment of practical explorations of literature and writing (writing workshops, reading and staging workshops, the creation of a journal of cinema reviews, more than 100 copies of which being distributed per day for the festival Les Œillades, events organization for the Printemps des poètes, etc.) made possible by small class sizes and very strong partnerships with artistic and cultural institutions in the region (the National Theatre, the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum, Les Œillades Festival, La Dépêche newspaper, the Guillot Bookstore).

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