Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign and Regional Languages, Literature, and Civilizations: English

  • English

Students who obtain this degree in English gain extensive knowledge of the language in all of its registers (everyday, elevated, journalistic, literary, etc.). Based on the study of linguistic mechanisms, this knowledge prepares the student for the continuation of his or her master's degree as well as for entrance exams for teaching programs at the secondary level. In addition, it is easily adaptable to the needs of specific fields (science, technology, culture, heritage, business, tourism, hospitality).

Language mastery is achieved in addition to exposure to literature from the 16th century to the present day, modern and contemporary history of Anglo-Saxon civilizations, linguistics (synchronic and diachronic), and issues involved in translation (both literary and non-literary). The specificity of this degree is to combine the knowledge of the linguist with a number of methodological practices from history, linguistics, or the humanities.