Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics, Electrical Energy, and Control Systems

This degree provides a generalist education that gives students a broad skill base in the fundamental sciences: physics, electronics, electrical engineering, automation, industrial computing, signal processing, and the basics of chemistry.

The Bachelor’s in Electronics, Electrical Energy, and Control Systems is designed to allow students to gradually develop their personal and professional plans by promoting their integration, orientation, and specialisation as they progress through the curriculum. This gradual specialisation is based on the implementation of the principle of methodological and pedagogical continuity between secondary and higher education. This continuity includes periods in the first year of their bachelor's degree during which students are provided support by supervising teachers, tutors...

This degree shares a common curriculum over its first three semesters with the Bachelor’s in Physics and Chemistry allowing a choice of specialisation at the beginning of the fourth semester.

Secteurs d'activités et types d'emplois